Ways to Listen to my weekly broadcast on Omega Man Radio

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My broadcast on Omega Man Radio airs each Thursday at 6pm PST / 7pm MTN / 8pm CST / 9pm EST

1 – Listen by phone by dialing: 1-917-889-2745
2 – Listen worldwide via the internet by going to: www.mixlr.com/omegamanradio
3 – Download the MIXLR APP from your Itunes or Android APP Store and then search on OMEGAMANRADIO

If you miss any live shows you can download a free copy at: www.soundcloud.com/omegamanradio or on ITUNES

For best results use Google Chrome as you will need it’s Built in Flash Drivers to access the MIXLR and SOUNDCLOUD links.

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Note to web site vierwers

Note to website viewers:

Someone has placed “Straight from the Joint Chiefs” on U-Tube; if you want to watch a 100-picture DVD with the “whole scoop” — just google for that title.

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Complete nonsense written about me saying I was a “general”.

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Alexander B. Cuppett

US Army/Action Officer, the Joint Staff, Retired

366 Graves Mill Road

Madison, VA 22727

18 October 2014

Subject: Complete nonsense written about me saying I was a “general”.

If you google www.alcupppett.com you’ll see some vitriolic JUNK at the top about me being a “general”. Here’s how it was 25-30 years ago! I didn’t even bother to read it; and you shouldn’t either. Here’s telling it like it was!

I was an Action Officer, as in a high level civilian employee on the Joint Staff; commonly known as “JCS”. Prior to 1984 I had served two years on the Air Staff, as well as one year as a Circuit Restoral Planner at the DCAOC in Arlington, VA.

Furthermore, well-meaning non-military folks, have referred to me as “Colonel’. Not me; I worked for a living! Like the three days at Fort Knox, Kentucky, when, in 1957, me and Jimmy LeCompte, from Lexington, Kentucky, slaved in the hot August sun building (by the pile-and-shovel method) a concrete slab for the D-3-7 Company Mess Hall. The mess hall later burned down and they bulldozed the slab and grease trap away. The remaining Company structures, as I saw them about 15 years ago, then served as the Kentucky Military Academy.

Prior to the 1984 Air Staff position I served about 12 months with the U.S. Commerce Department; and some long ago-DOD service at the Washington Naval Gun Factory as an Apprentice Welder. Prior to the Commerce Department duty I served six months with INTELSAT as a Satellite Coordinator, after 21 years with the US Army, ending up my Non-Commissioned Officer Army career as a Defense Communications Agency Systems Performance Evaluator in Athens, Greece.

Finally, be it known, I served nineteen years of my 31-plus years’ (so-called) service to my country in “joint service” billets/slots; probably a record for any one individual serviceman/civilian. Moreover, I served in about 30-plus countries, one way or another, and was stationed/served almost 15 years outside the contiguous forty-eight United States.

I served in JCS/C3SEO for three years, later known as JCS/J-6, and for three years in JCS/J-7 from July 1984 until August 1990. Prior to those six years I served, as noted above, on the Air Staff, in HQ USAF/XOK; later to be named HQ USAF/SI (Information Systems). Yes, Air Staff veterans, there was a USAF/XOK in 1982, and it was then-commanded by Major General Gerry Prather, USAF. He had a sign on his desk: “What you don’t know won’t hurt you – It’ll kill you!” Some of you folks reading this had better take heed to that sign!

Action Officer” was not a rank; it was a [difficult] position! “Action Officers”, be they commissioned officers, or in the case for a very, very, few civilian “Management Specialists”, are just about the lowest “officers” serving on the Joint Staff. However, they do all the work for the generals and the colonels; the “four stars” just making decisions and giving orders, based on what the Action Officers propose/recommend to the Joint Staff Directors. At that time, Directors were three or two star generals. Now that’s how it was! Please don’t think it could be exactly that way today; not after the [purposely] bungling Bush-Clinton-Bush and Obama “shadow government” gaggles took control.

With warm regards,

/signed/ Al Cuppett

Alexander B. Cuppett

Bronze Star and Purple Heart Medal Recipient, et al, Vietnam, 1970-1971 (1957-1979)

Secretary of Defense Civilian Service Medal, the Joint Staff, 1984-1990

Joint Meritorious Unit Award, the Joint Staff, 1984-1990

Joint Chiefs of Staff Identification Badge Recipient, 1989

P.S. I retired in the JCS Ceremonial Room on 1 August 1990

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Photo from Corlu, Turkey 24 Sept 1989

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The Bible Ascension Chart

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Location of Autopilot/FMS/INS/IRS circuit breakers in Boeing-built Aircraft

Alexander “Al” B. Cuppett

US Army/The Joint Staff, Retired

366 Graves Mill Road

Madison, VA 22727

23 March 2014 — Updated 24 March 2014

TO: EL AL Flight Crews/In-Flight Services/Avionics Maintenance

Subject: Location of Autopilot/FMS/INS/IRS circuit breakers in Boeing-built Aircraft

Shalom Shalom… Be advised, if subject circuit breakers are located in the “basement” (as in the cargo hold, and thus inaccessible to the flight deck crew while in flight) of any Boeing-manufactured aircraft operated by EL AL there’s the absolute possibility of the FMS, et al, being “seized” in flight and reprogrammed by a Global Hawk-adapted “pirating” wireless system!

This action can be accomplished by any of three means: (1) a passenger onboard with a “specified” wireless laptop device in the cabin; (2) an aircraft flying nearby with such a compatible device; (3) a mobile-operated Global Hawk- adapted Ground Terminal; such those used to control combat drones.

If EL AL finds any of the airline’s Boeing aircraft with circuit breakers for the autopilot -FMS/INS/IRS systems in the cargo hold these breakers must be re-routed immediately into the cockpit; and accessible by at least one member of the flight crew.

This should allow manual flight control of the aircraft to be regained if FOR ANY REASON the FMS/INS/IRS group of control-navigation systems is suddenly “pirated” from the flight crew, in flight, as surely happened in the case of Malaysia Air MH370.

Be advised, one, I’m a certified pilot, and two, I’m a retired Command and Control and intelligence Communications Evaluator with the Pentagon, to include six years’ service as a communication’s interoperability Action Officer with the Joint Chiefs of Staff (Ret); with 31-plus years’ service in over 30 countries. I’ve been to Israel eleven times. Hence — Am Israel Chai !!

Be further advised I’ve already sent this information, in a rather hasty format, to a senior staff member of the Israeli Government; and I plan to send a copy of this to the same individual, to include emailing it to at least 10 people in Israel.

Somebody had best not disregard the advice of this “goy”, and get busy looking and doing, because that Malaysian Air flight could have just as easily been a plane load of Jews! We got a break on this one!!!

Be further advised, the New World Order globalists, who hate Israel, control the news media completely; as well as the leaders of most nations! Their absolute goal right now is to “find” [or ‘make’] enough wreckage in the ocean to allay any further concerns about MH370. You can also expect any news/press reports to shortly assure the world the crew flew the plane into the ocean. End of issue. NOT! If the whole truth about 11 Sept 2001 had been exposed in 2001 the planet would now be a better place to live; and a bunch of America’s leadership would be in prison! Be advised the Clinton Administration gave away our “radar spoofing technology” to the Russians in about 1995; therefore, the IAF/IDF can expect any aberrant/belligerent aircraft inbound to Eretz/Tel Aviv to be radar spoofer transponder equipped!

Be it known to all those seeing this communication that in December 2003 I postulated this exact scenario to be used AGAINST JEWS AND ISRAELI CITIZENS, as a future weapon of choice, beginning on page 157 of the book, “America Sold Out”, authored by Ray Hope! I didn’t have knowledge of wireless laptops in 2003.

Very respectfully, Shavua tov

Al Cuppett

Alexander B. Cuppett

Bronze Star and Purple Heart Medal Recipient, et al, Vietnam, 1970-1971 (1957-1979)

Secretary of Defense Civilian Service Medal, the Joint Staff, 1984-1990

Joint Meritorious Unit Award, the Joint Staff, 1984-1990

Joint Chiefs of Staff Identification Badge Recipient, 1989

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Hijacking of Malaysia Flight 370

Hijacking of Malaysia Air Flight 370 – The autopilot(s) have a software “trap door” engineered into them!

Folks, the bottom line of what you’ll read below is that Boeing has (allegedly, repeat allegedly) engineered and installed the circuit breaker to the autopilot(s)/Flight Management Systems (FMS) (and maybe a few other breakers, which ought to be on an overhead panel in the cockpit), down in the “basement”; that is, on a special circuit breaker panel in the front of the forward cargo compartment. They cannot be accessed in flight!

Thus, once the autopilot/FMS has been “seized” by the wireless “Global Hawk-adapted” laptop-type device (with the complicit help of a surreptitious software ‘trap door’) being operated back in the cabin of the plane, the flight crew cannot get to the power source; and thus cannot take back manual control of the aircraft! Yes, this means somebody was complicit, and planned on being such — a long time back!


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