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Updated log of “foreign police” identification across the USA Anti-Semitic and CIVIL WAR notes below

October 19, 2011

Here’s the latest list of foreign cops, as updated on 23 June 2011

(This may look just like one you’ve seen [somewhere] before, however, it’s an updated copy)

Be sure to see the, as I have long expected, the anti-Semitic issue, and the civil war comments at the bottom of this post


Al Cuppett

US Army and Action Officer, the Joint Staff, Retired

11 Aug 2010 – Updated 23 June 2011

Subject: Excerpt containing reported “foreign police” identification across the USA

Here’s the current list of foreign or strange police cars, badges, logos, etc., which have been reported, seen, or photographed within the USA since 1988. The list is taken from a letter entitled, “Why the ‘Strange’ Troops, Police, and Events All Across the USA?” which I maintain in an effort to identify these illegal foreign cops.


Moreover, since 1994 there have been five known police hiring programs: (#1) Cops on the Street, (#2) Project Harmony, (#3) Community Police, and the latest police money, since Lawrence Summers, Chairman of Obama’s “National Economic Council”, admitted to a surprised David Gregory on NBC during “Meet The Press”, there was money in the (#4) “Mortgage Bail Out “ for police hires! Gregory had asked Summers why cop money was in a “mortgage rescue” bill?? Summers answered, “Uhh, well you gotta take care of the cops”. You can easily see the Democrats helped drive more nails into our coffin by passing this “mortgage bill”; not that the GOP does much better!

Moreover, on 10-30-2010, Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway stated, “One third of the later-passed (#5) “Stimulus Bill” was for ‘police and firefighters”??! That’s one-third of about $700 billion for police-plus hires! Dear folks, they’ve now appropriated enough “foreign cop” money to get us to, and through, the “Final – Final Solution in the USA”! Here’s a current list of all reported “odd-appearing” police. Some would appear legit to the reader but, for example, there are no “State Police” [authorized] in Texas; but they ARE there, in black, driving white Chrysler vans!


In the states VA/TN/PA/MA/TX/NM, WV, CA, MI, MO, and OR, the foreign cops have been identified as “Regional Police”.


In the states of AZ/GA/MS/CA/OH/OK/LA/KS/IN/MD/WI/CO/OR/VA/FL/IL/TX, & WV, they’ve been wearing indicia/badges, driving vehicles, or have tags which read either, “Red Dog Strike Force, MOXCBA (Moscow) Police, Kansas State Police, ***Northwest Area Police, Tennessee Military Police, International Crimes Enforcement Police, International Police, Illinois Police, Multi-National Force Observer-UN, Honorary Pro-Counsel, Polizei, Wausau [WI] Community Police, Federal Police, American Police, U.S. Police, Enforcement Officer, Parole Officer, Secretary of State Police, National Police Force, Border Patrol, UN Special Police, State Police, Federal Protective Police, Interstate Terrorist Police, Homeland Security, and “SOFOR” (E.G., UN Special Operations Forces”.


1 Feb 08: In WV:” UN” on the car doors and “UN Peacekeeping Forces” on the rear plate. 14 Feb 08: North American Union Police, Lynnwood, CA 1 Mar 08: International Safety Police, an officer with this logo, speaking with an accent, in plain Black BDU’s and black SUV, pulled over a friend of mine near Walnut Hills, CA; 15 Nov 09: “Eagle Police”, seen in Stanardsville, VA; 17 Dec 09: “Special Agent”, @ Union Station, Wash; DC; 8 Jan 10, “Homeland Security Police”, @ Minneapolis, MN; 5 Feb 2010: Charles Town, WV, “Regional Govt” license plate, with “Regional Police” on the side; 24 Mar 2010: Lewisburg, PA: “Police Mobilization Unit”’; 3 Aug 2010, Rt 211 near Sperryville, VA; “FBI – Police”; 9 Aug ’10, **Dallas County Police; 3 Nov 2010: In Texas a car with a red and blue police light bar and; “Federal Protection Services” on the side! 18 Nov 2010: Probable – La Vale, MD: Red “Police” with red lightning stripe on black car; no other ID; 2 April 2011, Madison, VA, black SUV writing ticket, with “POLICE” in gold letters; 3-31-2011, in Charlottesville, VA, “United States Police”; 4-22-2011, Seligman, AZ, “Amtrac K-9 Police” ; 15 May 2011, near Black River Falls, WI, “American Federal Police Services K-9.”; 6/23/11; A Virginia State Trooper reports stopping speeding “foreign cops” driving black SUV’s in rural Virginia. To wit, (my paraphrase) “[T]hey act arrogant, like above the law, but I stop ’em anyhow!” Sept 2011, Texas, “Statewide Patrol”.

Across the USA they’re carrying Homeland Security or Department of State-issued federal ID cards; as reported to me by a Denver cop in 1999! Folks, these clandestinely funded programs are soon to be our Obama-sponsored “Civilian Security Force” of the USA! In other words a Nazi-style SS, or Gestapo, not subject to US constabulary jurisdiction! [To be updated as the Partnership for Peace (PfP) and “foreign cop” scenario progresses.]

Al Cuppett “What you don’t know won’t hurt you; it’ll kill you!” MGen Jerry Prather, HQ USAF/XOK 1982

**P.S. Dallas, Texas, according to my buddy who saw this police car and lives there, there are several brands of real/official cops there; but no unit known as the “Dallas County Police”

*** I had forgotten about the “Northwest Area Police” in either Modesto/Fresno, CA. I saw and photographed them in 1998; while being “shown the sights” by the host of that particular speaking venue.

Be advised on this web post email that the “Obama Jobs Bill” has been unconstitutionally brought to the Senate, and voted on no less, without ever beginning in the House Appropriations Committee; where all new money spending bills MUST start, has more funds for “police” forces. This president is trampling the Constitution; but the strange part is that NO Republican EVER said a word or challenged the illegal procedure; as far as I know! Are they ignorant, or in somehow cahoots with the Left, or afraid to say anything???


Furthermore, another item of Interest: On the 1st of October I personally told Congressman Eric Cantor, my US Representative, at Glen Allen, Virginia, QUOTE:

“When this thing crashes they will blame the Jews!” To wit, yesterday on the Glenn Beck Radio Show, as well as somewhere else today, there were reports of the [blatantly Communist] Occupiers screaming “Judeo capitalists are the problem!!!” So as I’ve been saying for years, Holocaust Number 2 is coming and the Jews will be the first target. Born again Believers in Jesus Christ will be next!


Brother Bob, and Pastor Dimitri Duduman back in the early 1980s, have now both warned of a “civil war “, as noted by Pastor Duduman, to be started by the Communists in the Midwest when they “rise up against the government.” You are now seeing this anarchy beginning in these September and October protest groups, and supported by union members. They have now linked the January 2011 Wisconsin union protests to the overall scenario.

Here’s the scenario as I see it coming: There will be a riot in/at some venue, and the US police will be told by Homeland Security, as in Seattle three years ago, to send out US cops in masks, helmets, and SWAT gear. The N.W.O., also as in Seattle, will send out their masked SWAT operatives too. The foreign N.W.O cops will then beat up (as in Seattle three years ago) or, maybe this time, kill a few demonstrators, and slip away from the scene; nobody knowing who they were, thanks to the helmets and masks! US cops will be blamed, and the next day the union demonstrators (who started this in Wisconsin last January) will come back, armed, seeking revenge against our American cops; the mobs being ignorant of the foreign cop presence! Shooting will certainly happen and we shall have the prophesied “civil war”.

This is what they are planning and Seattle was a trial run! Further, in that incident the Seattle Police Chief apparently couldn’t find out who had beaten up the demonstrators (as no US cop had done it), thus he resigned from his position in disgrace. The poor guy didn’t know there were foreign cops injected into the mob scene! So it goes with the N.W.O. Blame somebody else and change society via the Hegelian Dialectic.

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