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“False flag” operation pending! (Note the 19 April date!)

April 11, 2013

Alexander “Al” Cuppett
US Army and C3I Action Officer, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Retired
366 Graves Mill Road
Madison, Virginia 22727
19 April 2012 UPDATED: 27 April 2012

Subject: False flag” operation pending! (Note the 19 April date!)

As we’ve been suspecting and expecting, another false flag “attack” is being planned and will be executed — soon.

To wit, Brother Bob called me today, 19 April 2012, at (1525 hours) or 3:25 PM, EST, and left me a voice mail saying [beginning of verbal
narrative follows]:

AC, you’ll know more about what this terminology means.

I was sitting here going over my email, trying to keep in touch with my family, and this phraseology [from the Holy Spirit] comes before me, ‘almost like emblazing fire’, saying, ‘There’s a false flag scenario coming soon!’; whatever that means.

So there you have it. God bless.” —- End of voice mail.

Folks, this means there’s another “false flag” attack, or other catastrophic event being hatched, such as was conjured up and executed on 11 Sep 2001, by the New World Order, with the help and collaboration of our own in-country “shadow government”. And as before, somebody else, or another entity, will get the blame, as in about 30 other events across this nation since 1990; to include the **USS Cole attack on 12 October 2000 in South Yemen; the correct date if my memory serves me right. (This is a long and incredible story, with **Clinton’s “people” as major players.)

This “alert” came from Bob on the anniversary of both the Waco, TX “false flag” operation, as well as the 19 April 1995 “false flag” disaster at Oklahoma City; both of which did NOT happen in any manner the way they told us. Believe me, again, the events didn’t happen at all like “they” told us.

However, later at 7:39 PM EST, Bob phoned in the additional follow-up verbal message, and fortunately I had them on voice mail, verbatim:

AC, I’m sitting here almost in tears. Again the precious Holy Spirit is warning that the people need to pray, those who know how to intercede for this nation of ours. There is a desperate false flag scenario operation already underway, [pray] so that it will be stopped and that this nation will be spared. God love ya”

Now I know many well-meaning pundits will say, well we have long been expecting or guessing that such is going to happen, and maybe it will be even worse. But, WITH NO APOLOGIES, dear folks, let me assure you I know Bob’s track record, as do many others, and this is from Heaven; not some prediction from some well-intentioned arm chair quarterback.

In the Name of the LORD,

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