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TWA Flight 800 crash now said to be caused by a missile

July 6, 2013

Alexander B. Cuppett

US Army & Action Officer, the Joint Staff, Retired

366 Graves Mill Road

Madison, VA 22727

19 June 2013

Director Stan Johnson

The Prophecy Club

Box 750234

Topeka, Kansas 66675

Subject: TWA Flight 800 crash now said to be caused by a missile

Dear Stan,

Well, my friend we’re vindicated. According to the Good Morning America, 7 AM News, three retired NTSB investigators have stated that the cause of the crash of TWA Flight 800 was covered up! They said the real cause was “a missile which exploded on, or near the plane”.

What we said on the Prophecy Club video, “Straight from the Joint Chiefs”, filmed at South Bend, Indiana, in February 1998, has now become reality! Chalk up another Truth for the Prophecy Club —- and the LORD himself!

To wit, nine minutes and 20 seconds into the video I implied there were [foreign piloted] “black helicopters operating within the USA”. Ten seconds later, at 9:30 into the program, I stated that a “Continuous Rod (CR) warhead missile” had brought the plane down.

Elaborating on the statement of three retired investigators, I add the following: According to General Partin, as related to me in about 1997, and I’ve explained this many times in the last 17 years, a CR missile is not a “heat seeker”, rather, it’s “smart-fire-and-forget” weapon. It operates by radar, on-board computer logic, a radio proximity fuse, and double, “coupled” C4 charges in the warhead. It also can go into reacquisition mode if it overflies the target. Moreover, in 1996 we had retired this type missile, invented in about 1961, from the US inventory; however, the Soviets, at that time, still retained it in their weapons “bag”.

The warhead is composed of numerous [about] 18-inch long, ½ inch thick steel bars, welded into a “hula hoop-like” configuration, with malleable steel welding rod. The package is then “folded” into a neat packet around a C-4 charge. Behind this “package” is another C-4 charge which propels the warhead towards the plane at the precise H-moment.

The missile, while radar tracking, presupposes the interdiction point with the target aircraft. It does not “follow” [a hot engine of] the target as does a heat seeking missile. As the missile closes to a point 60 feet from the target the radio proximity fuse activates, launching/firing both charges simultaneously.

The “hula hoop” bars expand outward at about 6,000 feet per second, while the entire expanding warhead moves at the same speed towards the wing or the fuselage; depending on the angle of attack. If the missile approaches from 90 degrees the warhead cuts the wing off. This is called a “K-Kill”. If the missile approaches in a parallel track/position, the explosion cuts the fuselage in half!

The CR missile was designed to effectively destroy a bomber in flight, whereas a heat seeking missile might only knock out one of four/six/eight engines; thus allowing the bomber to proceed to the target; if an engine fire was extinguished. The CR warhead eliminates that possibility.

On the video “Straight from the Joint Chiefs”, I included a, then-available, CIA computer animation showing the First Class section being separated from the rest of the airplane; as in a circular, albeit an aerial, steel horizontal guillotine, slicing the [aluminum] aircraft in half. It must have been a hideous two minutes for the passengers. The New World Order’s globalists killed 230 people to eliminate just TWO! Do you think they’ll give Believers, and/or Jews a second thought?

Years later I spoke with an investigator who was with the NTSB investigation team. He told me, “Some of the bodies displayed blunt force trauma”! This is exactly what the “metal bars” would have done to passengers who were on the window seat as the “hula hoop” bars exploded through the fuselage; slicing the plane in half.

Furthermore, this type weapon leaves little or no actual explosive residue on or inside the now-downed aircraft; since the “explosion” took place 60 feet away! NTSB civil investigators most likely would have never investigated such an event. The same can be said for the cryogenic dry ice bullet which killed Commerce Secretary Ron Brown. Pathologists at the Armed Forces Pathology Institute couldn’t explain the “.45 caliber hole” in Brown’s head; until I told them. I learned this “technology” at a four-day FBI – taught “Anti-Terrorism Seminar” held at Helenikon Air Base, Greece, in about 1978. This issue was also presented and shown on the Prophecy Club “Joint Chiefs” video.

However, at this juncture in time, today, 19 June 2013, I’m betting the “shadow government” and/or the One World Government/New World Order “planners” intend to “regurgitate” this 1996 event into a “home grown terrorism attack”. Hence, they’ll never admit there are foreign pilots/forces flying “black operations” missions within the USA, or within our territorial possessions!

A “perceived home grown attack”, pursued by a “slanted investigation”, will then go after patriotic Americans, and of course these “rightwing extremists” also have guns! So this can now be parlayed into an “anti-gun” operation also; if they work it right. Don’t worry, Obama will not let “investigators” go after any Muslims, as they’re peace loving”! So there you have it Stan. Have a great day.

Warmest regards,

Al Cuppett

Alexander B. Cuppett

Bronze Star and Purple Heart Medal Recipient, et al, Vietnam, 1970-1971 (1957-1979)

Secretary of Defense Civilian Service Medal, the Joint Staff, 1984-1990

Joint Meritorious Unit Award, the Joint Staff, 1984-1990

Joint Chiefs of Staff Identification Badge Recipient, 1989

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