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Attachment 1: Malaysian Flight 370 with 239 aboard was “Global Hawked!! “

March 22, 2014

Attachment 1: Malaysian Flight 370 with 239 aboard was “Global Hawked!! “

Alexander “Al” Cuppett

U.S. Army/The Joint Staff (OJCS), * Retired

RR1 Box 34-T

Madison, VA 22727

10 Feb 2002–25 Feb 2002 (Update #1)

TO: General Richard B. Myers, Chairman, the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS)

INFO: GEN Shinseki, CSA; Gen Ryan, CSAF; ADM Clark, CNO; GEN Jones, CMC; ADM Blair, CINCPAC; ADM Fargo, CINCPACFLT; GEN Jumper, ACC; CINCLANT; CINCLANTFLT; CINCCENT; CINCEUR; CG FORSCOM; Senators Allen, Shelby, Miller, and Warner; Congressmen Barr, Paul, Bartlett, Cantor, Goode, and Burton; and Virginia federal and military/police officers/officials

SUBJECT: Soviet (sic) Defeat of the USS Kitty Hawk’s Radar Surveillance “Screen” in WESTPAC

It was recently brought to my attention that last year, in the Sea of Japan, a Russian “Flanker & Fencer” twin recon sortie, completely surprised a US Navy Battle Group (BG), led by the USS Kitty Hawk. I understand near panic ensued as the BG CO couldn’t identify the sortie until visual ID was confirmed. Moreover, I suspect the Kitty Hawk’s radar array is probably the most advanced in our inventory. More recently I spoke with a contact associated with surface warfare ops, who confirmed the “F&F” over flight did happen! We have a real problem general, as no “super power” is “super” if their radar(s) can be “spoofed”. In the event you didn’t know how the Soviets were able to acquire the spoofing technology, here’s a literal postulation of how they did it; i.e., the Clintons strike again:

Beginning as far back as 1988, US Presidents, principally traitors Bill & Hillary Clinton, on the orders of the New World Order (NWO), headquartered in “Brussels”, have allowed the import/debarkation of literally hundreds of thousands of foreign troops, cops, and flat out ‘agents-provocateur’ into the USA! This has been accomplished under the [illegal and unconstitutional] Partnership for Peace (PfP), Treaty on Open Skies (TOS), Project Harmony, Community Police, and Cops on the Street programs, ad nauseam. This includes the latest, despicable and freedom-infringing, NATO-OTAN AWACS mission(s) operating over the USA!

Included in the aforementioned cabal of foreign forces were thousands of Soviet/Chinese/UN pilots, flying their own aircraft (a/c), or having learned to fly our “donated” a/c at Westover AFB. All the clandestine missions now being flown are under the [patently illegal] auspices of the TOS treaty. Since these missions are “black operations” sorties against patriotic Americans, including myself, it was necessary that the “black ops” a/c be equipped with “radar spoofing” ECM “pods”, or be so equipped in some manner. This has precluded them from being seen on FAA radar scopes USA-wide. I‘ve deduced they’re “spoofer” equipped as I‘ve studied many missions, including numerous sorties [bio-chemical included!] against US entities, to include TWA Flt 800; and AA Flt 587, it being the most recent. To wit, I faxed General Jumper that he ought to “splash” a few of these bio-chemical murderers! All he, or somebody, did was have “the baldheaded“ talk show host, immediately, within 30 minutes, denounce me! So much for trying to save the USA.

It‘s now apparent, thanks to “military-loathing” Bill Clinton, the first Russian crew to be introduced to/trained on the US equipment, as far back as 1993, immediately dead lined one of the US a/c, detached the spoofer transponder’s “black box”, and shipped it, and the Technical and/or Operations Manual, straight to Moscow! The Russians then reverse-engineered the ECM components, discovering the sensitive protocols/algorithms, etc, contained therein, and, in the intervening years, produced their own counter-radar/ECM “black box”. If you think the Walker’s gave away the store, wait until we see/admit what the Clinton’s gave away. Or are the Joint Chiefs afraid to tell us?

Needless to say, general, we’re not a “super power” anymore, except in the press; and the Soviets know it! We’re nothing but a paper tiger, shipping nearly all of our combat troops overseas to peace keep, while hundreds of thousands of foreign troops prepare to rape and pillage the USA, by executing ‘”urban pacification operationswhen martial law is declared; subsequent to the UN’s current “terrorism, and the ‘soon-to-take-our-rights-away’ campaign” now in progress, since 11 Sept 2001!

General, I‘ve talked to the officers of German/Argentinean “occupation forces” myself, in their own language, as they debarked at Dulles International Airport! They have admitted to my suppositions! I know whereof I speak! Sir, we are D-O-N-E! It’s all but over!

Surely, you ‘Five Guys’, i.e., you, and the Service Chiefs, must know about all or most of this. Then-CNO, and Jewish hero, Admiral Mike Boorda figured it out, unfortunately the “black ops” thugs put three bullets into his noble body, and thus he wasn’t able to try Slick Willie before a military tribunal for high treason! You ‘Five Guys’ got the “Boorda message”, as did the US Congress, when “Clinton-antagonist” Sonny Bono was taken out! Moreover, in 1999 I spoke with a relative of the sheriff who investigated the Lake Tahoe “accident”. To wit, there was no “tree” in the sheriff’s report! He also stated, “That tree deal was Michael Kennedy the week before”! Unfortunately, neither Bono nor Boorda realized the magnitude and power of the pernicious, yet surreptitious, UN/NWO ‘black ops’ forces now in-country. I do, as do many others who are also ‘in-the-know’.

In closing, be advised if the Joint Chiefs continue deploying our troops overseas, per the orders of George Bush and Colin Powell, we’ll all soon be slaves to the foreign troops now arriving daily in the USA And there, sir, you have the scenario in a nut shell. Godspeed general, as we shall all soon need it!

Very respectfully, with warm regards,


Alexander B. Cuppett

Bronze Star and Purple Heart Medal Recipient, et al, Vietnam, 1970-1971 (1957-1979)

Secretary of Defense Civilian Service Medal, the Joint Staff, 1984-1990

Joint Meritorious Unit Award, the Joint Staff, 1984-1990

Joint Chiefs Identification Badge, 1984-1989

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