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Hijacking of Malaysia Flight 370

March 22, 2014

Hijacking of Malaysia Air Flight 370 – The autopilot(s) have a software “trap door” engineered into them!

Folks, the bottom line of what you’ll read below is that Boeing has (allegedly, repeat allegedly) engineered and installed the circuit breaker to the autopilot(s)/Flight Management Systems (FMS) (and maybe a few other breakers, which ought to be on an overhead panel in the cockpit), down in the “basement”; that is, on a special circuit breaker panel in the front of the forward cargo compartment. They cannot be accessed in flight!

Thus, once the autopilot/FMS has been “seized” by the wireless “Global Hawk-adapted” laptop-type device (with the complicit help of a surreptitious software ‘trap door’) being operated back in the cabin of the plane, the flight crew cannot get to the power source; and thus cannot take back manual control of the aircraft! Yes, this means somebody was complicit, and planned on being such — a long time back!


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