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Malaysian Flight 370 with 239 aboard was “Global Hawked!! “

March 22, 2014

Subject: Malaysian Flight 370 with 239 aboard was “Global Hawked!!“

Alexander “Al” Cuppett

US Army & Action Officer, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Ret

366 Graves Mill Road

Madison, Virginia 22727

15 March 2014

Subject: Malaysian Flight 370 with 239 aboard was “Global Hawked!! “


To: Anyone who really cares about your freedom, and personal longevity on this earth

Every “intelligence indicator” lends itself to the simple fact that this airliner was pirated by a “Global Hawk-adapted” remote controlled “drone” system developed by Raytheon. The major problem is that since 99.5 percent of Americans were never told the truth; and the ones I told it to, or tried to tell, i.e., what happened on 11 Sept 2001, refused to believe it!

Not so plain and not so simple, four airliners were “pirated” on 11 Sept 2001. The facts, when checked out, not the lying news stories and talking heads of the “shadow government”, and the globalists of the New World Order, prove the four Boeing airliners were pirated on 11 Sept 2001; and, in addition, two wide-bodied cargo drones, also “global Hawk-guided, also were “activated” that day.

If you had attended the Alex Jones’ 911/Neo Con Agenda [twenty hour] Seminar on June 24-25th 2006, or read Ray Hope’s book, “America Sold Out”, having heard the two PhDs and 4 other panel guests, including Willie Rodriguez, you would know the magnitude of the lie the shadow government told us, and continues to tell, about once a week, in various deceitful shibboleths, about the “attacks” of 11 Sep 2001.

To wit, at the 19th hour of the Seminar the floor mike was opened for the 2nd, maybe 3rd time. The question was (my paraphrase): “Alex (Jones) you and your panel, and about six other people who spoke, have proven that the WTC Towers were NOT hit by two commercial passenger planes. OK.. so where are those planes and where the people?” Jones replied, “I don’t know”. And I shouted, “I do!!” And I do know, but it’s so unreal most folks cannot fathom the truth.

At the close of that session I caught Jones and told him where the people were. He couldn’t respond! He then turned and walked off the platform, in what could only be called a stunned state of mind; and possibly complete disbelief. You see, the Lord never said to him as He did to me from the Word (the KJV) at 3 AM in 1992: “Call unto me and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not”.

The same “9-11” thing has happened to Flight 370! To wit, every report, from the latest on 15 March, as in a, “There was deliberate action aboard the aircraft”, as voiced by the Malaysian Prime Minister, to the (one time report – my paraphrase from radio news), that “Boeing has developed a maintenance routine, which is employed by/from a radio-assisted laptop/electronic console which could affect the cockpit’s instrumentation on any Boeing Series 777 airframe; if that device was aboard the plane in the cabin.”. This is an adaptation of “Global Hawk”. See the PBS documentary, “Spies that Fly” for related info.

Simply put, without a lot of details (which would take 15 pages at least); it would have required two people in the cabin; one person to seize the plane’s Autopilot/Flight Management System(FMS) via the radio-laptop; when the autopilot/FMS was engaged, thereby enabling the reprograming the autopilot/FMS to the new destination, altitude, et al.

The second person would take a note to the Lead Flight Attendant: “Captain, your autopilot is ‘locked out’ and you cannot regain control of the plane (NOTE: The autopilot’s (FMS) circuit breaker, along with several others, are in the “basement” in a panel at the front of the cargo hold; where the pilots cannot access them in flight. (Thus, CEO’s of many companies have to be complicit with the New World Order’s plans and intrigue! This includes downed TWA Flt 800, a Boeing 747; as well as a new capability designed for the Boeing 787.)

Reading the note in its entirety, the Captain puts down his lunch tray and frantically punches the FMS’s off switch; which is console-located between him and the First Officer. Nothing happens! The note continues. “Do not do anything or we’ll all die as we’re controlling the plane. You have now discovered the FMS is locked “ON”. Therefore, come out of the cockpit and we’ll give you your ‘viable’ options. If you touch one control, or any radio mike, we’ll crash the plane!” At that point, complete fear takes over in the cockpit and the hijack is accomplished.

Be advised, the latest electronic aircraft navigation and FMS systems allow a plane to take off, be flown to a reprogrammed destination, landed, and taxied up to a particular building and stop the plane — hands off; thanks to Global Hawk (which is basically an FMS application) and the present constellation of GPS satellites. The “hijackers” have pulled it off. As one news report stated, “The plane could have flown as far as Uzbekistan”. Yes, and that’s probably where it is; in a Soviet-run country with the “Europe-Asia master of evil”, Vladimir Putin in Kontrol (sic). Yes, it is exactly where somebody has designed it to be.” It’s surely in Iran!

I can probably answer most questions about 11 Sept 2001. Here’s just one unknown fact:

Dr. Wally Miller, the County Coroner for Somerset County (PA), went to the Flight 93 “hole in the ground” (crash site which had only a few pieces of debris) and found not one ounce of human flesh! He went back to his office wondering! He only had one piece of the “puzzle”! Secondly, Todd Beemer supposedly called his mother. The news media told us all his first words to her were: “Hi mom this is Todd Beemer”. Well you don’t address your mom with your first and last name; NOR can you make a cell phone call at FL 30, at 500 MPH, on a 6/10ths of a watt cell phone from inside an aluminum cocoon. Such a call NEVER happened! Not on a cell phone!

Moreover, the FAA has at least three times since 2001, announced, “We’re considering letting the public make cell calls in flight”. They’re never going to put such into effect because you can’t do it without a satellite-linked base station installed in the plane! And they know it! These FAA ‘blurbs’ are further contrived N.W.O propaganda to make 90 percent of the people continue to believe the 11 Sept 2001 lies; especially about cell phone usage on that day. Beemer’s call never happened!

That’s just two of the untruths we were inundated with on 11 Sept 2001; and continue to be swamped with — more lies to perpetuate the earlier lies! There are a score more (never published or printed) that I can set forth with no trouble at all.

I could take another 13 pages to uncover a few of the perpetrated myths and lies we were told on/since 11 Sept 2001. This is enough for now. I shall explain the whole lying scenario on the Omega Man Radio Program/Freedom Fighter’s for America programs ASAP.

In the Name of the Lord,

Al Cuppett

Alexander B. Cuppett

Bronze Star and Purple Heart Medal Recipient, et al, Vietnam, 1970-1971 (1957-1979)

Secretary of Defense Civilian Service Medal, the Joint Staff, 1984-1990

Joint Meritorious Unit Award, the Joint Staff, 1984-1990

Joint Chiefs of Staff Identification Badge Recipient, 1989

Attachments: 1 and 2 below — As stated above (Sent as individual items to this website.)

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