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Russia-Crimea & Flight 370’s “Global Hawk-pirating” implications for Israel

March 22, 2014

Dear website reader: Please read the next four items/and attachments and you’ll get the Crimea-Russia-Ukraine “picture” — as well as the truth about missing Flight 370

Al Cuppett

US Army/Action Officer, the Joint Staff — Retired

366 Graves Mill Road

Madison, VA 22727

Date 21 March 2014

Subject: Russia-Crimea & Flight 370’s “Global Hawk-pirating” implications for Israel

Russia needs a year-round ice-free port, thus the current scenario, simply put, is to “annex” Crimea as Hitler did to Austria, in order to have a short path through the Bosporus Straits to position forces near and against Israel; and to project power into the Med Sea. This is a globalist plot and many nations are in on it! To wit, now owning/controlling Crimea, the Russian Black Sea Fleet has only to go through the Bosporus, make a big left turn and they’re off the coast of Haifa!

Another ominous threat is that on about 17 March 2014 it was reported that the Israeli IDF and IAF were concerned the “missing airliner” would be used during an imminent/future attack on Israel. I fully agree with that, however, there are other considerations than just “being on alert” for such an attack.

To wit, in the 1990’s the Clinton Administration gave away the technology whereby US civil /acquisition radar systems could be “spoofed” by incoming aircraft (A/C). It’s certain, by now, that Iran could be considered to have access to such technology and could employ it on any tactical or strategically A/C deployed against Israel.

I fully explained this issue in a letter (Attach 1) to the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS), after a twin sortie of Russian warplanes used a “spoofer transponder(s)” to completely blank out the USS Kitty Hawk’s acquisition radar in the Sea of Japan in 2002. Therefore, Israeli IDF-IAF-IN commanders should expect to see this tactic/capability employed by any Soviet/Russian /Iranian operation against the Sovereign Jewish State. Hopefully the algorithms for Israeli radar systems are diverse from those of the US.

The other danger now posed against Jews worldwide in recent postulations by myself, and some others, has established the fact that “Global Hawk-adaptive” technology, first used in the “so-called attacks” of 11 Sept 2001, was employed in the recent “pirating-hijack” of Malaysian Air’s Flight 370. This development poses grave concerns for Jews worldwide! To you dear reader, it was only the hand of Ha Shem that prevented the piracy not to have been a plane load of Jewish people! If action isn’t taken, Jews are in mortal danger across the world; particularly on non-Israeli “Security-profiled” flights (of foreign carriers) in-bound to Tel Aviv.

I’ve taken the time to set forth the particulars of this pirating scenario (Attachment 2) which would be far easier to explain had the truth been discovered on 11 Sept 2001. Be advised, what’s found in Attachment 2 is but a small portion of the now-known issues which have been discovered since 2001.

Not so plain and not so simple, is the intrigue which was pulled off on the American people, and the world that day. It would take a book to fully detail the true events which occurred. Time is of the essence.

As noted above, in an effort to expedite the dispatch of enough of the actual “scenario-events” to the proper Israeli authorities I have been able to address only a few of the, once-unknown, actual “attack’ details of 11 Sept 2001. Again, time is of the essence. Be advised, Airbus possibly, and most assuredly, Boeing autopilots, can be “seized” by a “Global Hawk-adapted” wireless device; smuggled aboard as a “laptop” by two of more enemy operatives! Yea, I have warned thee!


Alexander B. Cuppett

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