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Decorated US Marine, Brandon Raub, was picked up, without a warrant in Chesterfield County, VA

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Alexander “Al” Cuppett

US Army & Action Officer, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Retired

366 Graves Mill Rd

Madison, VA 22727

25 August 2012

TO: Four Honorable Republican elected officials, Commonwealth of Virginia

Subject: Decorated US Marine, Brandon Raub, was picked up, without a warrant in Chesterfield County

John Whitehead, President of the Rutherford Institute, Charlottesville, VA, was interviewed by the moderator of the “Info” organization of Austin, TX, Alex Jones. Here is a paraphrase of that interview.

‘Brandon Raub, of Chesterfield, a decorated US Marine, had sent an email saying ‘the country was going downhill, and he was going to buy a gun”. Shortly thereafter, he, and several other veterans were picked up ‘by the FBI’, without a warrant, and held for psychological evaluation. Whitehead filed a brief with a conservative Virginia judge and got him released after 7 days in the mental institution’. Moreover, Whitehead claims the man is perfectly sane. Now, gentlemen this was to be expected. I warned the VA State Police Commander of such “coming events” in 1994!

Recently, in complaining about a related “shadow government” programme (sic) I called 5th District Representative Robert Hurt’s office, talking to “Sarah”, about the court martial of US servicemen in Iraq and Afghanistan; specifically Army SSgt Derrick Miller, Army Lt Behanna, and another Army Sergeant. (I have heard nothing from Sarah to date.)

All three of these men, and there have been court martials of officers too, all of whom were sent to Ft Leavenworth/busted out of the Army for doing their jobs, when in the execution of or accomplishing the mission, had to kill insurgents threatening them or their respective men/commands. In the case of the US Army Major and CWO, both Transportation Battalion officers, they had found two abandoned trucks along the MSR and used them to haul supplies to Bagdad. They too were given ‘bad conduct’ discharges after spending time in the brig.

The morons who left the perfectly functioning trucks along the highway should have been the ones court-martialed!! But no, the State Departments of Bush, Clinton, Bush, and now Obama, want to curry favor with “installed despots” to KEEP OUR GUYS OVERSEAS; while this nation is infiltrated with foreign combat troops and cops the likes of which you four gentlemen know nothing about.

I’ve been there and done that in 35 countries with 31 years’ service to my country. You’d best find out what’s going on! And SOON! My credentials below, and in the letterhead, show I can “brief” you!

The warrantless arrest of this Marine, and others, is just the tip of the “coming iceberg”.

Very respectfully, with warmest regards,


Alexander B. Cuppett

Bronze Star and Purple Heart Medal Recipient, et al, Vietnam, 1970-1971 (1957-1979)

Secretary of Defense Civilian Service Medal, the Joint Staff, 1984-1990

Joint Meritorious Unit Award, the Joint Staff, 1984-1990

Joint Chiefs of Staff Identification Badge Recipient, 1989

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Requested 2007 prophetic-apocalyptic revelation by Brother Bob.

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1 September 2012

Dear listeners/readers, this prophetic message by “Brother Bob” has been much requested; therefore it will be posted on this website from

1 September until 17 September 2012. It will then be deleted.

Be advised, the beginning and middle is, to the unsaved, and even the redeemed, flat out scary and even gory. However, the end, as in the sections entitled,

Marriage Supper of the Lamb,

The Returning,

Conquering Messiah — King of Kings and Lord of Lords,


The LORD’S Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives,

you will be blessed.

May the Lord Jesus Christ have mercy upon us is my prayer.

Al Cuppett

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The General and the President 26 Aug 2012

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Alexander “Al” Cuppett

US Army/The Joint Staff, Retired

366 Graves Mill Rd

Madison, VA 22727

26 August 2012


Daily Progress

Charlottesville, Virginia

Here’s a question and some basic guidance for voters hereabouts:

As one who served this country for 31-plus years in the Army and the Department of Defense in about thirty-five countries or major islands; with the final eight years with the Joint Chiefs of Staff/ Air Staff I pose this question:

How can a US Air Force general officer, who took the oath, at least once when he was commissioned, to defend the US Constitution against enemies, both foreign and domestic, run as a Democrat? That is, in view of the fact that seven decades, of having also traveled to forty-seven of the United States, tell me most Democrats despise the tenants of the Constitution and everything for which it stands. To me General Douglass is a walking and talking oxymoron.

Furthermore, as regards voting, a vote for Virgil Goode is a vote for Barak Obama, and it’s quite possible Goode could swing Virginia to Barak Obama; who speaks a fluent Indo-Malay language (I heard him from Jakarta on BBC TV in November 2010) yet he cannot pronounce “Kapiolani” correctly. This too is oxymoronic; and I can articulate five languages and served thirty-eight months in Hawaii.

I usually never, ever, go to movies but I did see the movie “2016 Obama’s America” and although it revealed some grievous hidden problems about Obama, of which most people are unaware, it failed to disclose other pernicious issues which are far worse.

Therefore, be advised, in 2008, the globalist plotters gave us a more ominous “pig in a poke” than Bill Clinton; and if’s he’s reelected, thanks to clandestine behind-the-scenes intrigue, the [planned] end of the Republic will be immediate/imminent. Moreover, Bush Forty-one and Bush Forty-three were no less pernicious in their governing of this Nation.

However, neither Romney, nor any other politician will be able to make this Republic endure much longer; without miracles from Heaven. George Allen is the only hope to extend our longevity, if ever so slightly.

My advice: Get an old Authorized King James Bible and start praying to Jesus, because our time as free people is just about over. “Am I therefore become your enemy because I tell you the truth?”


Al Cuppett

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Another “false flag” operation pending!


Alexander “Al” Cuppett

US Army and C3I Action Officer, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Retired

366 Graves Mill Road

Madison, Virginia 22727

19 April 2012

Subject: False flag” operation pending! (NOTE THE DATE ABOVE!!)

As we’ve been suspecting and expecting, another false flag “attack” is being planned and will be executed — soon.

To wit, Brother Bob called me today, 19 April 2012, at (1525 hours) or 3:25 PM, EST, and left me a voice mail saying [beginning of verbal narrative follows]:

AC, you’ll know more about what this terminology means.

I was sitting here going over my email, trying to keep in touch with my family, and this phraseology [from the Holy Spirit] comes before me, ‘almost like emblazing fire’, saying, ‘There is a false flag scenario coming soon!’; whatever that means.

So there you have it. God bless.” —- End of voice mail.

Folks, this means there’s another “false flag” attack, or other catastrophic event being hatched, such as was conjured up and executed on 11 Sep 2001, by the New World Order, with the help and collaboration of our own in-country “shadow government”. And as before, somebody else, or another entity, will get the blame, as in about 30 other events across this nation since 1990; to include the USS Cole attack on 12 October 2000 in South Yemen; the correct date if my memory serves me right.

This “alert” came from Bob on the anniversary of both the Waco, TX “false flag” operation, as well as the 19 April 1995 “false flag” disaster at Oklahoma City; both of which did NOT happen in any manner the way they told us. Believe me, again, the events didn’t happen at all like “they” told us.

However, later at 7:39 PM EST, Bob phoned in the additional follow-up verbal message, and fortunately I had them on voice mail, verbatim:

AC, I’m sitting here almost in tears. Again the precious Holy Spirit is warning that the people need to pray, those who know how to intercede for this nation of ours. There is a desperate false flag scenario operation already underway, [pray] so that it will be stopped and that this nation will be spared. God love ya”

Now I know many well-meaning pundits will say, well we have long been expecting or guessing that such is going to happen, and maybe it will be even worse. But, WITH NO APOLOGIES, dear folks, let me assure you I know Bob’s track record, as do many others, and this is from Heaven; not some prediction from some well-intentioned arm chair quarterback.

So pray saints, pray! Got to send this now!! Out here.

In the Name of the LORD,

Al Cuppett

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Your car’s engine on 11 September 2001

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Alexander “Al” Cuppett

US Army and C3I Action Officer, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Retired

366 Graves Mill Road

Madison, Virginia 22727

11 September 2011

Subject: Your car’s engine on 11 September 2001

Once again we’re dragged through the gory saga of “9-11-2001”; with the incessant chatter of the news networks. But, hey, I have a short series of questions for you to answer:

Did you drive your car today? Did you drive it on September 11th, 2001; or drive it to work on any day since that date? Did you fuel it with gasoline or diesel fuel? Did your car have a steel engine, or one with steel sleeved cylinders; STEEL FORMING THE COMBUSTION CHAMBER?


I have a friend who then answered, “Oh, but the car’s engine has a cooling system!” Excuse me, but up against the super-hot steel exhaust port, just an inch away from the steel exhaust valves of the combustion chamber is a steel header and a steel exhaust pipe, all with steel bolts; and none of these have a cooling system. Yet they DO NOT melt! (A cooling system only ensures the pistons won’t swell up and seize! You can even drive without coolant, for a while, and the engine will only seize up, it will NOT melt!)

Wake up people! Dear folks you’ve been sold a bill of goods! A 13-year old child can answer the question about the gasoline engine I just asked you.

To wit, you can cut the top off a 55-gallon drum and fill it half full of gasoline. You can light it off, (be careful) however, when that 25 gallons of gas is finished burning an hour or two later (as in a car wreck fire) the drum (or the car’s shell) still sits there, intact, a stark witness that the US government, or its minions, or the New World Order’s “propaganda cell” in New York City, lied to us on September 11th, 2001. And they continue!

JP-5 jet fuel [basically kerosene], or gasoline, and/or diesel fuel, all burn at temperatures no hotter, than 460 C, AND EVEN WITH AN ACCELLERANT — NO HOTTER THAN 560 C. (The laws of physics prevail!)

Mild steel, and I was a welder for the Naval Gun Factory in Washington DC (and attended Vocational High School, in the Hot Metals-Machine Shop-Sheet Metal Shop-Foundry Shop curriculum) —- melts at 1100 C.

The chrome-molybdenum alloyed steel in the WTC tower’s beams melts at 1600 C; not considering the beams were sheathed in insulation and would withstand such temperatures for 2 hours before giving way; IF such temperatures were present – and, based on what I told you above, no such heat was present that day. Nor was any such fire ever present in any in any high-rise building in the world! Hence no steel reinforced high rise building, in the entire world, since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, has ever fallen, AS THE WTC TOWERS FELL– due to fire!

As a result of this [supposed] terrorism, most of our combat troops have been deployed overseas into what now adds up to 180 countries; supposedly “anti-terrorist peacekeeping’ missions. But unbeknownst to you, over the past 21 years, or even more, Bush, Clinton, Bush, and now Obama, have allowed hundreds of thousands of foreign cops and troops, and their equipment, and infrastructure(s), to be surreptitiously imported into the USA. They shall be the “Security Forces” here, in the USA, when martial law is soon declared! My lecture, with 130 slides, has been given in 122 cities, 32 states, and 6 countries; taking from 2 to 15 hours, depending on the audience. And the expenses were paid for by people desiring the truth!

If gasoline or kerosene could melt steel we’d still be in the Bronze or Agrarian Age. People will believe anything they see on the Boob Tube!

Sorrowfully, Al Cuppett

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Updated log of “foreign police” identification across the USA Anti-Semitic and CIVIL WAR notes below

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Here’s the latest list of foreign cops, as updated on 23 June 2011

(This may look just like one you’ve seen [somewhere] before, however, it’s an updated copy)

Be sure to see the, as I have long expected, the anti-Semitic issue, and the civil war comments at the bottom of this post


Al Cuppett

US Army and Action Officer, the Joint Staff, Retired

11 Aug 2010 – Updated 23 June 2011

Subject: Excerpt containing reported “foreign police” identification across the USA

Here’s the current list of foreign or strange police cars, badges, logos, etc., which have been reported, seen, or photographed within the USA since 1988. The list is taken from a letter entitled, “Why the ‘Strange’ Troops, Police, and Events All Across the USA?” which I maintain in an effort to identify these illegal foreign cops.


Moreover, since 1994 there have been five known police hiring programs: (#1) Cops on the Street, (#2) Project Harmony, (#3) Community Police, and the latest police money, since Lawrence Summers, Chairman of Obama’s “National Economic Council”, admitted to a surprised David Gregory on NBC during “Meet The Press”, there was money in the (#4) “Mortgage Bail Out “ for police hires! Gregory had asked Summers why cop money was in a “mortgage rescue” bill?? Summers answered, “Uhh, well you gotta take care of the cops”. You can easily see the Democrats helped drive more nails into our coffin by passing this “mortgage bill”; not that the GOP does much better!

Moreover, on 10-30-2010, Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway stated, “One third of the later-passed (#5) “Stimulus Bill” was for ‘police and firefighters”??! That’s one-third of about $700 billion for police-plus hires! Dear folks, they’ve now appropriated enough “foreign cop” money to get us to, and through, the “Final – Final Solution in the USA”! Here’s a current list of all reported “odd-appearing” police. Some would appear legit to the reader but, for example, there are no “State Police” [authorized] in Texas; but they ARE there, in black, driving white Chrysler vans!


In the states VA/TN/PA/MA/TX/NM, WV, CA, MI, MO, and OR, the foreign cops have been identified as “Regional Police”.


In the states of AZ/GA/MS/CA/OH/OK/LA/KS/IN/MD/WI/CO/OR/VA/FL/IL/TX, & WV, they’ve been wearing indicia/badges, driving vehicles, or have tags which read either, “Red Dog Strike Force, MOXCBA (Moscow) Police, Kansas State Police, ***Northwest Area Police, Tennessee Military Police, International Crimes Enforcement Police, International Police, Illinois Police, Multi-National Force Observer-UN, Honorary Pro-Counsel, Polizei, Wausau [WI] Community Police, Federal Police, American Police, U.S. Police, Enforcement Officer, Parole Officer, Secretary of State Police, National Police Force, Border Patrol, UN Special Police, State Police, Federal Protective Police, Interstate Terrorist Police, Homeland Security, and “SOFOR” (E.G., UN Special Operations Forces”.


1 Feb 08: In WV:” UN” on the car doors and “UN Peacekeeping Forces” on the rear plate. 14 Feb 08: North American Union Police, Lynnwood, CA 1 Mar 08: International Safety Police, an officer with this logo, speaking with an accent, in plain Black BDU’s and black SUV, pulled over a friend of mine near Walnut Hills, CA; 15 Nov 09: “Eagle Police”, seen in Stanardsville, VA; 17 Dec 09: “Special Agent”, @ Union Station, Wash; DC; 8 Jan 10, “Homeland Security Police”, @ Minneapolis, MN; 5 Feb 2010: Charles Town, WV, “Regional Govt” license plate, with “Regional Police” on the side; 24 Mar 2010: Lewisburg, PA: “Police Mobilization Unit”’; 3 Aug 2010, Rt 211 near Sperryville, VA; “FBI – Police”; 9 Aug ’10, **Dallas County Police; 3 Nov 2010: In Texas a car with a red and blue police light bar and; “Federal Protection Services” on the side! 18 Nov 2010: Probable – La Vale, MD: Red “Police” with red lightning stripe on black car; no other ID; 2 April 2011, Madison, VA, black SUV writing ticket, with “POLICE” in gold letters; 3-31-2011, in Charlottesville, VA, “United States Police”; 4-22-2011, Seligman, AZ, “Amtrac K-9 Police” ; 15 May 2011, near Black River Falls, WI, “American Federal Police Services K-9.”; 6/23/11; A Virginia State Trooper reports stopping speeding “foreign cops” driving black SUV’s in rural Virginia. To wit, (my paraphrase) “[T]hey act arrogant, like above the law, but I stop ’em anyhow!” Sept 2011, Texas, “Statewide Patrol”.

Across the USA they’re carrying Homeland Security or Department of State-issued federal ID cards; as reported to me by a Denver cop in 1999! Folks, these clandestinely funded programs are soon to be our Obama-sponsored “Civilian Security Force” of the USA! In other words a Nazi-style SS, or Gestapo, not subject to US constabulary jurisdiction! [To be updated as the Partnership for Peace (PfP) and “foreign cop” scenario progresses.]

Al Cuppett “What you don’t know won’t hurt you; it’ll kill you!” MGen Jerry Prather, HQ USAF/XOK 1982

**P.S. Dallas, Texas, according to my buddy who saw this police car and lives there, there are several brands of real/official cops there; but no unit known as the “Dallas County Police”

*** I had forgotten about the “Northwest Area Police” in either Modesto/Fresno, CA. I saw and photographed them in 1998; while being “shown the sights” by the host of that particular speaking venue.

Be advised on this web post email that the “Obama Jobs Bill” has been unconstitutionally brought to the Senate, and voted on no less, without ever beginning in the House Appropriations Committee; where all new money spending bills MUST start, has more funds for “police” forces. This president is trampling the Constitution; but the strange part is that NO Republican EVER said a word or challenged the illegal procedure; as far as I know! Are they ignorant, or in somehow cahoots with the Left, or afraid to say anything???


Furthermore, another item of Interest: On the 1st of October I personally told Congressman Eric Cantor, my US Representative, at Glen Allen, Virginia, QUOTE:

“When this thing crashes they will blame the Jews!” To wit, yesterday on the Glenn Beck Radio Show, as well as somewhere else today, there were reports of the [blatantly Communist] Occupiers screaming “Judeo capitalists are the problem!!!” So as I’ve been saying for years, Holocaust Number 2 is coming and the Jews will be the first target. Born again Believers in Jesus Christ will be next!


Brother Bob, and Pastor Dimitri Duduman back in the early 1980s, have now both warned of a “civil war “, as noted by Pastor Duduman, to be started by the Communists in the Midwest when they “rise up against the government.” You are now seeing this anarchy beginning in these September and October protest groups, and supported by union members. They have now linked the January 2011 Wisconsin union protests to the overall scenario.

Here’s the scenario as I see it coming: There will be a riot in/at some venue, and the US police will be told by Homeland Security, as in Seattle three years ago, to send out US cops in masks, helmets, and SWAT gear. The N.W.O., also as in Seattle, will send out their masked SWAT operatives too. The foreign N.W.O cops will then beat up (as in Seattle three years ago) or, maybe this time, kill a few demonstrators, and slip away from the scene; nobody knowing who they were, thanks to the helmets and masks! US cops will be blamed, and the next day the union demonstrators (who started this in Wisconsin last January) will come back, armed, seeking revenge against our American cops; the mobs being ignorant of the foreign cop presence! Shooting will certainly happen and we shall have the prophesied “civil war”.

This is what they are planning and Seattle was a trial run! Further, in that incident the Seattle Police Chief apparently couldn’t find out who had beaten up the demonstrators (as no US cop had done it), thus he resigned from his position in disgrace. The poor guy didn’t know there were foreign cops injected into the mob scene! So it goes with the N.W.O. Blame somebody else and change society via the Hegelian Dialectic.

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Al Cuppett will be -LIVE- on Omega Man Radio Every Wed from 8-9pm EST Starting 10/19/2011

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Al Cuppett will be -LIVE- on Omega Man Radio Every Wed from 8-9pm EST Starting 10/19/2011


OR LISTEN BY PHONE AT 1-917-889-2745

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Clandestine data circuit from Brussels to the White House

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Alexander “Al” Cuppett

US Army and C3I Action Officer, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Retired

366 Graves Mill Road

Madison, Virginia 22727

31 July 2011

TO: The Honorable Representatives John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Joe Wilson, Paul Ryan, Michelle Bachmann, Robert Hurt, Roscoe Bartlett, Mary Bono Mack, Ron Paul, Emanuel Cleaver, Steney Hoyer; and Senators Jim DeMint, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, James Inhofe, Mitch McConnell, and Virginia’s George F. Allen (#17)

Subject: Clandestine data circuit from Brussels to the White House; OR whyMr. Obama “moved the goal posts”, as recently noted by Speaker of the House Boehner

Last week Barak Obama apparently changed the stakes on what was a decent deal with the Republican-controlled House of Representatives. What gives?

Dear friends, be advised there’s a highly clandestine command and control-type, i.e., “real-time” data link, sometimes referred to as an “order wire”, from Brussels, Belgium to the White House!!

How I know of this, to include the circuit routing, actual security classification, foreign entities, the various enroutefacilities involved, and many other significant details, I will keep to myself; however, just be advised that by Divine Providence I learned of it.

However, this data circuit, was and is, to quote an old adage, “far above my pay grade; but not above my 31-plus years of service to my Country to be able to uncover it and to deduce, by applying appropriate “intelligence indicators” what it’s being used for. In fact this circuit is above the pay grade of almost everyone in the USA; to include the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Moreover, ladies and gentlemen, herein lays an ominous truth.

Circumstantial evidence over the past 25 years proves this circuit is being used to give obligatory guidance to the President of the United States, or to issue commands to behind-the-scenes personnel, who, since post – September 11, 2001, are known to be, after many years of research, “shadow government” operatives”; fully and clandestinely ensconced within the Executive Branch. However, these “operatives” are not limited to the Executive Branch only, but are surreptitiously operating throughout all branches of the U.S. Government; as well as the state governments.

To wit, Janet Reno’s inarticulate falsehoods about events at Waco in 1993, to include the OKC bombing in 1995, after investigation and research the past 16 years, reveal that operational instructions, most assuredly, are being issued to the White House over this data link!

As prima facie evidence, Mr. Obama’s “moving the goal posts”, as in upping the ante on the Speaker, in this “Debt Ceiling” scenario replicates Bill Clinton’s actions in the Elian Gonzalez case in Miami during his Administration. When asked if Elian Gonzalez was going to be taken back to Cuba, Clinton replied, based on his initial compassion for the young boy, [an exact] quote, Not if I have anything to do with it!

Well dear reader, Bill Clinton, as the Chief Executive, and Commander in Chief, had everything to do with letting the boy remain here. However, Gonzalez was later ruthlessly seized and taken to Cuba. I submit to you that Clinton’s “change of heart”, was sent over the subject data circuit and Clinton had no choice but to obey!! As this Debt Ceiling horror plays out, it’s apparent “somebody” above the Executive Branch is managing the ball game; and those “forces” calling the plays do not have our freedom and liberty in mind! To wit, the globalist puppeteer junta “pulling the strings” have clandestinely, over the past twenty years, or more, imported police and troop forces to seize us, our families – and our freedoms! Be advised there are at least five funded programs now financing the in-country foreign police forces!

Folks, it takes over 130 slides and about 15 hours to explain the entire scenario now pitted against the American people; however, the nine paragraphs contained herein ought to suffice to alert you to a sinister globalist, One World Government plot; which has been secretly executed against, us, the American people, for many, many years.

Very respectfully, with warm [but concerned] regards,

/ Signed /

Alexander B. Cuppett

Bronze Star and Purple Heart Medal Recipient, et al, Vietnam, 1970-1971 (1957-1979)

Secretary of Defense Civilian Service Medal, the Joint Staff, 1984-1990

Joint Meritorious Unit Award, the Joint Staff, 1984-1990

Joint Chiefs of Staff Identification Badge Recipient, 1989

This caused quite a flurry on Capitol Hill; I also received two “hang up” intimidating(?) phone calls from the “US Capitol” from phone numbers that were “disconnected”. Strange.

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3 October, 2011 06:01

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Surreptitious construction in the Lost Valley WMA / Strange cop in Madison, VA

Alexander “Al” Cuppett

US Army and C3I Action Officer, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Retired

366 Graves Mill Road

Madison, Virginia 22727

14 April 2011

TO: Whoever cares about their future!

Subject(s): Surreptitious construction in the Lost Valley WMA / Strange cop in Madison, VA

Dear Friend, whomever,

In the last fourteen years (1) “someone” has paid for a fiber optic cable to be buried all the way down Graves Mill Rd to the Wildlife Management Area (WMA) in/near Lost Valley, Madison County, VA. Recently, numerous large trucks have been hauling gravel and earth-moving equipment up there into Lost Valley.

Furthermore, (2) Graves Mill Road was improved and widened the last 6 or so miles right up to the WMA; as well as (3) constructing Corps of Engineer-FEMA-certified seventy-ton bridges on the road, to include one on General Banks Lane. This has been done in all thirty-two states in which I have spoken over the last 16 years. Moreover, (4) new large “MWA” signs were installed on US 29 and SR 230 last year. I called VDOT and they did NOT put them up, nor were permits issued; and they DO NOT know who installed them.

Subsequently, after following a contractor from Winchester I find “they” are constructing “a road” up there. The driver stated the contract was let by Game and Inland Fisheries; except they have no money! Surveillance reveals, with photos being taken, a gravel road a half mile long laid down; with a conservative estimate of 300 to 400 thousand dollars expended — up to this point.

Our county isn’t alone! Two years ago I persuaded the Louisa County Supervisors NOT to allow “O’Gara Corp” to build a “training base and firing range” in that county; at least not to train “foreign officers”! O’Gara then asked if they could have a “rail yard” in lieu of the base! Dear friend, a rail yard with a fence, with mobile box cars, would allow them to do a lot of things we don’t want done hereabouts! Believe me, we don’t want such activities!

About five months ago the Daily Progress announced that the Fluvanna County Supervisors had [already] authorized a “training base” to be built to “train foreign officers from all over the world”! I was too late to stop that one!

Be advised that in1994 I briefed Colonel Wayne Huggins, Virginia State Police Superintendent, for 80 minutes, that such facilities would be soon established in the USA; to include the stationing of foreign police and troops here, while sending our troops overseas! The “scenario” of September 11, 2001, began the last phase. Today we have troops in 180 countries pulling anti-terrorism duty!

Strange cop in Madison, writing a ticket on 2 April 2011

On that afternoon, it was reported to me, that near the Food Lion, on US 29 (southbound), a black SUV, with very dark windows, and a golden globe on the door, with “POLICE” in gold letters, and a light bar on top, had pulled over a citizen; having used his blue strobe lights to stop the car. No one in law enforcement can tell me who that cop was! Moreover, “Regional Police” have been seen in Madison County and/or Virginia by at least four county citizens; including two local Virginia State Troopers! The earlier information which I sent you reinforces what you read here.

What is detailed above is just the tip of the tip of the iceberg! It’s taken 16 years to get this “close” to home! Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do, but I have the facts to at least prepare any who will listen; but only if I’m requested.

To wit, it actually requires from 5 to 15 hours to fully reveal the complete scenario! But as Governor Jesse Ventura says regarding global warning, “It’s about money, control, and global governance”! What you read above is about ABSOLUTE CONTROL AND GLOBAL GOVERNANCE; AS IN A ONE WORLD [GLOBALIST] GOVERNMENT.

The entire control and surveillance infrastructure is just about finished with foreign troops and police and their military equipment now in place. Most of the operational bases are complete with vehicles and aircraft now flying; to include spoofer transponders on the aircraft so they can’t be seen on FAA civil radar! The nocturnal “hostile chopper visit to Madison County on 5 Feb 2009 was just one more “manifestation” of their operational capabilities!

Very respectfully,

Al Cuppett

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